Winter Wedding Style

Winter wedding style can be extremely elegant.

Winter wedding style can be very elegant. Photo: Shutterstock

Summer is traditionally wedding season, but couples have been trading their sunny floral weddings for the romance of a snowy winter wedding. There are so many advantages to this choice, from the pick of unbooked venues and dates to the discounted prices for the “off season.” One of the biggest challenges as a guest is to figure out the proper outfit for the ceremony and reception.

The weather can be more unpredictable in the winter, so getting from your house to the ceremony to the reception and finally back to your house can mean braving wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures. This could mean walking in snow or on ice. This is so much more complicated than the perfect floral dress that looks great when you dance.

For winter weddings you are trading in showing off skin with keeping warm. Many go with floor length dresses. If opting for a shorter dress, tights are a great option to keep the legs warm. You’ll probably want to skip the strapless dresses and choose something with a sleeve. Even a lace or sheer sleeve will provide some warmth.

As far as fabrics and colors, it’s important to opt for rich fabrics like velvet. Forget the pastels and deepen the colors to a fall/winter color palette that includes darker colors like jewel tones. Don’t forget while making these decisions that you will also be dancing in this dress. Make sure you won’t overheat when you get up to dance.

Part of ensuring you won’t overheat inside is to find a great coat that does the job of keeping the warmth in outside. A black coat will match anything, and make sure that it is fitted to accentuate your form.

Unlike at a summer ceremony, strappy sandals or heels will be hard to walk in and your feet will freeze. Most will opt for a closed heel or even for a boot, depending on the level of formality of the wedding. Keep in mind that a winter ceremony is non-traditional, so feel free to have some fun with your outfit. Throw in extra color or trade the skirt for pants. After all, most eyes will be on the couple, not on you.


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