Tips for Bridesmaids on a Budget

bridesmaid dresses

Being a bridesmaid can be a lovely experience…but it can also be a costly one.

Your best friend is getting married and now it’s your turn to “say yes” to being a bridesmaid, or even the maid of honor. You guys have been planning to be in each other’s wedding forever and now it’s finally happening.

Despite how grand these plans always our in our minds, in reality, weddings can be incredibly expensive. When you agree to be a bridesmaid you are probably thinking you have to help plan and save for the upcoming festivities. Unfortunately, all the time you think you will have to prep and plan will pass by very quickly. You have to start dishing out that dough on all things wedding including a bachelorette weekend, your bridesmaid dress, and travel and hotel accommodations. Luckily there are ways to do so without going completely bankrupt. Here are a few:

Plan ahead. It is vital and often the thing we forget to do when we agree to be a bridesmaid. Start planning to save as soon as you become a bridesmaid and set aside even just a little bit of money each week.

Mark all the events on your calendar. Write down all the upcoming events so that you can prioritize financially.

Book your hotel early to get the wedding rate. Make sure to book the hotel early if you have to travel for the wedding. Usually the bride and groom will set aside a certain number of rooms at one main hotel and are able to get a discounted wedding rate. Don’t procrastinate and hold off on booking the room.

Don’t feel obligated to attend every wedding event. If you live in a different city than the bride it can be hard to make all the events. Don’t feel obligated, it’s okay to say no to every weekend if you are tight on cash and your friend should understand.

Have you ever been a bridesmaid? What tips have you found helpful for not totally breaking the bank?


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