When It Comes to Weddings, Love is Love


Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 12.14.03 PMI’ve always loved writing about all things wedding-related; from dresses to vendors, DIY tips to celebrity wedding destinations, there’s something about the entire wedding planning process that enchants me. I’ve also realized that these days, when most people think of romance, and weddings, and marriage, they’re also thinking of same-sex marriage.

freedom to marry states

I think before too long, this whole map will be red. Image: via Freedom to Marry

I’m happy that more same-sex couples in love are finally able to express their commitment to one another in a traditional way. It’s refreshing to see that many publications, media outlets, and wedding vendors are embracing gay and lesbian couples and being inclusive of all kinds of relationships. Twenty years ago, this was not the case. Today however, more and more states are allowing same-sex couples to wed, and with celebrities giving their endorsement, politicians taking a stand for marriage equality, and judges and legal experts supporting the rights of same-sex plaintiffs, it seems as though the freedom for all people to wed is in the not so distant future.

In Florida, Bob Collier and Chuck Hunziker are finally able to come forward with their love story that is more than fifty years in the making, as they raise their voices in support of marriage equality in their state. Miami-based legal analyst Kendall Coffey has previously commented on the momentum being experienced within the marriage equality movement, a sentiment which was affirmed recently when Judge Luis Garcia struck down Florida’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples last month. Florida joins 11 other states that have recently had pro-marriage equality court rulings that are on hold, pending appeal.

I’ve been glad to see major publications such as The Huffington Post embrace marriage equality and report on the beautiful stories of couples like Collier and Hunziker. It’s also wonderful to see some of the biggest names in wedding planning and wedding publications coming forward in support of loving couples of all kinds. The Knot, Brides Magazine, and many others feature a diverse array of articles that are geared towards same-sex couples, which proves that much of society is ready for marriage equality.

Do you think that wedding-focused media has done a good job representing same-sex couples?




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