Watch Out For These 5 Hidden Wedding Costs


“It’s easy to create a budget for your wedding!” – Said no one ever.

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve likely created a budget that will cover all the major costs you’ve anticipated will pop up along the way. But what about those other costs? You know, the ones that seem so minor they aren’t worth considering but actually add up incredibly fast. Here are some of the most notorious “hidden” wedding costs to be mindful of:

Postage and Shipping Fees. Because wedding invitations are shaped differently and weigh more than the average piece of mail, they require extra postage. With most weddings hosting at least 50 guests, that kind of postage and shipping fees can really add up! If you’re mailing out your invitations, it’s worth considering that you’ll also need postage to cover each guest’s RSVP, as well as save the date and thank you cards.


The cost of postage stamps really add up when you consider how many save the date, invitations, and thank you cards you’ll end up mailing.

Wedding Gown Alterations. Most brides create a specific budget for their wedding gown, keeping a price range in mind before they go in for a consultation, but few add the dress alterations to their budget. Alterations for formal gowns like a wedding dress can actually be pretty steep, so be sure to include this additional cost in your budget.

Travel and Lodging. Many newlyweds stay in a hotel the night before and after their wedding, especially if it is taking place at an out-of-town location. Don’t forget to factor in car rental fees, hotel lodging, and limo service fees if applicable.

Gratuity. Even if gratuity isn’t included in a contract, it is considered good etiquette to tip vendors and catering staff. Depending on how large and extravagant your wedding is, you could be tipping as many as 30 people: the photographer, videographer, florist, musicians or DJ, drivers, hair and makeup stylists, catering company, and venue staff. This list really could go on and on, so definitely keep gratuity in mind when booking your vendors and location.

Venue furniture. Even if you’re getting married in the middle of a grassy field, or on the beach, it’s important to consider that you’ll still need some kind of furniture. Some of your guests, especially older ones, might need to sit down during even a short ceremony, so factoring in the cost of folding chairs is important. Additionally, if you’re getting married at an actual venue like a hotel, the price of the venue might not include the cost of furniture.


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