What to Store in Your Purse for Summer Weddings

You can fit a lot of summer wedding survival supplies into a bag like this.

You can fit a lot of summer wedding survival supplies into a bag like this.

For many people, summertime is as full of weddings as it is popsicles and beach days. It’s a beautiful time of year, but one that requires some tactful planning if you want to stay looking fresh and feeling cool as the day goes on. Here is what to store in your purse or clutch for all of the weddings you’re bound to attend this season:

Sunscreen. Sunscreen is absolutely crucial for a day spent at an outdoor event. Many summer weddings take place at the beach or in parks, so layering sunscreen throughout the day will protect your skin from harsh summer rays. Apply plenty of sunscreen when you get ready in the morning, and keep a travel pack or easy-to-use sunscreen wipes in your clutch for reapplication.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 3.09.12 PM

Sunglasses are essential.

Sunglasses. I can tell you from experience, you will absolutely regret not bringing sunglasses to an outdoor summertime wedding. Always remove sunglasses before taking photos at the wedding, and do your best to coordinate a classy pair of shades with your wedding attire.

Insect Repellent. If you’re attending an outdoor wedding that is being held near a lake or the woods, chances are by nighttime you’ll be eaten alive by mosquitos and the like if you don’t plan accordingly. Just like with the sunscreen, many insect repellent companies offer insect wipes – an alternative to messy, stinky sprays that make your skin look and feel oily. Keep these on hand by carrying them in your purse to avoid nasty bug bites.

Water. Hot summer days mixed with the jovial, celebratory consumption of champagne at summer weddings can often lead to dehydration. If you don’t stay hydrated at the event you’ll risk dizziness, fatigue, and headaches as the night goes on. Be sure to pack a small water bottle in your purse to ensure that you’re well hydrated throughout the day.

Deodorant. It goes without saying that most people sweat more in the summer. The combination of warmer weather and lots of dancing can really make a gal sweat. Don’t forget: just because you’re attending a romantic, magical event, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be suddenly immune to sweat. With this in mind, be sure to pack a small, travel-sized stick of deodorant in your purse. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Is there anything I missed? What do you carry along to summer weddings to keep fresh and cool?


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