Bridal Etiquette: What Costs Should Brides Cover for their Wedding Party?


Have you ever been a bridesmaid? It’s incredibly exciting to be asked to be part of a friend or relative’s bridal party, but it can also come with a lot of baggage. If the bride-to-be is having a destination wedding, not only will you have to worry about travel and lodging expenses, you still have to consider the cost of a bachelorette party, your wedding attire, and a wedding gift.

Brides, it’s important to consider all of these factors when asking your friends and family to take part in your special day. Of course this day is all about you and your soon-to-be husband or wife, but you cannot forget about the financial burden you’re placing on your bridesmaids. As the bride, what are you expected to pay for? According to the experts, you should cover the cost of:

  • Bridesmaid’s flowers
  • Lodging for out-of-town residents (or help to provide a list of cost-effective lodging options)
  • Thank you gifts
  • Hair and makeup costs
  • Transportation for the bridal party to both the ceremony and reception

Even if many of these things won’t cost you a dime (such as having family volunteer to host your out-of-town friends, it’s still important to make these arrangements in order to reduce the anxiety of your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids, considering your bride has gone to great lengths to plan her perfect day, it’s also important to be as generous as you possibly can be, within reason. Here are what bridesmaids are typically expected to pay for:

  • Wedding attire and accessories, including your dress and any alterations to it
  • Gift for the couple
  • Transportation, if you live close enough to the wedding venue
  • Chipping in for the bachelorette party, if you are throwing one

Of course, some of these costs won’t be necessary depending on your bride. If she’s more easygoing, you will have minimal wedding expenses to worry about. For more information about wedding cost etiquette, take a peek at Cheryl Seidel’s tips for the Huffington Post.


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