The Best Bridesmaids Dresses For Warm-Weather Weddings

bridesmaid dresses

Believe it or not, white bridesmaid dresses are really on trend this season!                                                                                  Image: katiestoops via Instagram

Brides-to-be: you’re over the cliché of forcing your bridesmaids into horrible, unflattering, taffeta-covered dresses, right? This is the twenty-first century! It’s time to break the tradition of adorning your bridal party in gaudy garments that they’ll ditch as soon as the wedding is over. To help you get some inspiration for your warm-weather wedding, Refinery29 has some fabulous, on-trend suggestions:

If you’re having a…

Garden Wedding

If you’re having a wedding inspired by an English garden, “A sprinkling of floral prints can be an obvious choice for an outdoor garden event, so balance them out with a couple of solid-hued styles in the same color family,” says Refinery29. Get creative and embrace your beautiful backdrop with floral prints and sweet, delicate rose-hued dresses that emulate flowers.

bridesmaid dresses

Floral frocks fit for a garden wedding!
Image: via

Beach Wedding

“You want your bridesmaids to feel as breezy and light as that ocean air. But, that doesn’t mean they need to be in the same maxi-dress,” explains Refinery29. “Play with different prints – some tropical, some not – as well as various cuts on top.” These flowing garments can be as casual or formal as you like, but it is best to go for comfort and a cool, laid-back style for your beach wedding.

Church Wedding

If you’re having a more traditional wedding in a church, one of the newest wedding fashion trends might be perfect for you: dressing your bridal party in all white. “Hold the negative comments about bridesmaids wearing white on your wedding day, and hear us out,” says Refinery29.  “The wintry hue is actual super on-trend right now. If you choose styles that don’t resemble your dress, you’ll still stand out as the star on your own day – don’t worry.”

Black-Tie Wedding

If you’re going for a formal affair, definitely don’t be afraid to select bold, rich colors for your bridesmaids. Explains Refinery29, “With a sea of black on the groom’s side, your section of the altar will pop with a smattering of luscious jewel tones.” They will be dressed in skin tone-flattering colors, and you’ll still be able to stand out in white (or whatever color you want your wedding dress to be).

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