Unbelievable Tips from Wedding Planner Davia Lee

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“One of the biggest wedding-planning challenges can be cohesiveness – presenting a consistent vision for your event from start to finish,” says Bridal Guide contributor and wedding planning extraordinaire Davia Lee.  “As a wedding planner, I see brides stuggle with this all the time,” she says. “They’ve picked their venue, theme, and dress…but none of the three really match.”

How can newly engaged women avoid making the mistake of not looking at the big picture early on? Lee, an experienced and acclaimed wedding planner, has a whole slew of tips in her back pocket to help create the most cohesive, personalized weddings, no matter the budget or theme. According to Lee, booking your venue before anything else, and editing your inspiration board with a fine-tooth comb are critical steps as you begin to plan your wedding.

Where you have your wedding doesn't matter, as long as everything is cohesive, says Lee.

Where you have your wedding doesn’t matter, as long as everything is cohesive, says Lee.

She says that telling clients to make booking their venue a priority “is the one key piece of advice that I’ve shared with all of my clients throughout the years that hasn’t changed.” Lee explains that in your venue selection, “you’ll narrow down the search by finding out what you’re stylistically drawn to and what reflects you as a couple.” She also asserts how “your entire wedding vision will become more defined throughout this process,” of selecting a venue that fits your taste.

Similarly, editing your inspiration board – be it a Pinterest board, or good old fashioned magazine clippings – will be made much easier when you have already picked your venue. Once you know where you are having your wedding, you will have a better idea of what you want it to look like within that specific space. Says Lee, “Narrow down images that evoke an emotion or represent an idea you’d like to incorporate,” when editing your inspiration board. With this in mind, try and describe your wedding verbally with key words like “beachy,” or “casual,” and create a color story with all of these things in mind. Lee also suggests filling in your gown consultant (if you have one) on all of these details to ensure the perfect garment for your day.

“Tie everything in with a few meaningful details,” and voila! You’ll end up with a beautiful, cohesive, and memorable wedding that best represents you!

For more of Davia Lee’s wedding planning tips, check out her article, “The Big Wedding Planning Mistake Every New Bride Makes.”


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