Why You Should Consider a Family-Style Menu at Your Wedding

Have you started planning what kind of food you’d like to serve at your wedding? If so, one important factor to consider is not only what you’ll be serving, but how. According to wedding planning expert Kellee Khalil, “The wedding menu that you and your partner design together with your caterer is just as important as the way in which you serve it,” suggesting that weddings that fall somewhere between black tie formal and dressed down casual, you might want to think about going “family-style” for dinner.

Here are Khalil’s top reasons why family-style dinner menus will be the most popular wedding food trend in the year to come:

It’s less costly.

The main reason family-style is becoming a huge trend? It’s far less costly than plated dinners. You can hire a much smaller catering team, or even opt to DIY the entire meal (if you have the support of friends and family). Similar to a buffet dinner service, this option gives guests the freedom to enjoy as much or as little food as they like, and is more affordable for most couples.

Family-style dining embodies casual elegance.

No one wants their wedding to be a stuffy affair. A family-style menu says: “we’re classy, AND down to earth.” Think elongated tables, beautiful stemware, and one great group of people breaking bread and celebrating together. A family-style vibe also provides a lot of flexibility and variety, making your guests feel at ease about getting a bite to eat, while enjoying sharing food, and each other’s company.

It enhances a warm and loving atmosphere.

Sure, some couples dream of recreating a fine dining atmosphere for their guests, but what better way to say “Welcome to the family” than with a family-style dinner service?

What do you think about serving wedding guests a family-style menu?

Images: kinfolk via Instagram


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