Cut Your Wedding Costs with These 7 Money-Saving Tips

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Sometimes you have to get out of the city to find the best deals.
Image: Katie Stoops via Instagram

By now we all know that the wedding industry makes billions of dollars annually, due in part to the pressure couples face to plan and execute a flawless wedding. According to The Knot, the average cost of an American wedding in 2012 was $28,427 – more money than many folks make in a single year. If you’re planning a wedding and are getting anxiety because of all the dollar signs, you know that every little way to save helps.

Here are seven money-saving tips from Catey Hill for Bridal Guide to help you cut some of your wedding costs:

  1. “Look in a ‘next-door town’ for venues and vendors.” “Next-door towns” are smaller towns outside of big cities. Often you can save 20% or more on fees by seeking vendors here, rather than in a big city.
  2. “Put a ’15-minute warning’ into your contract with the photographer.” Photographers and videographers often charge extra fees for going overtime – prevent this from happening by putting a request for a 15-minute warning in your contract.
  3. “Take a tax deduction – on your wedding.” Most couples don’t even know that this is an option, but you can actually get a tax deduction for donating some of your wedding purchases to a qualified charitable organization, or even just by having your wedding ceremony at certain venues, explains Hill.
  4. “Consider ‘business’ hotels.” Hotels that cater more to businesses than formal events often offer better-priced packages and have more availability on weekends.
  5. “To find photographers and videographers, contact your local newspaper or television station.” This part of your wedding can be extremely costly. Save money by seeking a professional newspaper photographer, rather than an official wedding photographer. (An even better option is reaching out to a friend you trust with photography skills, as they may even be willing to help out for the only the cost of materials and prints).
  6. “Skip the wax seal on your invitations.” This simple  piece of advice can save you a pretty penny.
  7. “Get a ‘student’ to do your flowers.” Many big cities offer programs for student florists – tap into these as a resource and offer the student resume experience as incentive!

What other money-saving tips do you have for planning a wedding?


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