Even More ‘Impossibly Fun’ Wedding Ideas

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Image: via BuzzFeed

Recently I wrote about a handful of ways to make your wedding reception ridiculously fun. Fun must be on the minds of many wedding planners, brides and grooms-to-be, because BuzzFeed recently shared “31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas” that go even beyond your wedding reception. These ideas were so sweet and fun, I couldn’t resist sharing just a few more. Here are some highlights from BuzzFeed’s list of fantastically fun wedding ideas:


Image: via BuzzFeed

Have a pre-wedding field day. If you’re having a wedding during the spring, summer, or even early fall, organizing a day of physical “field” events pre-wedding is the perfect way to get your bridal party and groomsmen acquainted with one another. Potato sack races, obstacle courses, or Ultimate Frisbee will have your wedding party laughing and bonding in no time.

Add a section for a DJ song request on your RSVP. If you and your partner are planning on making music the highlight of your wedding reception, this is the easiest way to get input from your friends and family. Adding an additional line to your wedding invites will allow you to gauge the kind of music your guests want to hear, and will definitely prove helpful when you select your DJ.

Enlist your grandmothers to be your flower girls. This adorable twist to the classic wedding ceremony procession would be a sweet touch for any couple. Enlisting your grandmothers (or any older friends or family members) to be flower girls is a fun way to celebrate everyone in your lives.

Give out sparklers as party favors. Not only will sparklers be fun for your guests to hold as you depart the wedding ceremony, they will help to make some seriously wonderful wedding photos. What’s wrong with a little extra sparkle on your special day?

Hire a food truck for a late night snack. For couples that don’t want to make their catering selection too fussy, hiring a food truck is an awesome way to create a hands-off dining option at your wedding. If you live in an urban area, there are most likely an abundance of food trucks that would happily park at your wedding. Tasty, fun, and casual!

For all of the impossibly fun wedding ideas, check out all of BuzzFeed’s suggestions.


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