It’s A Wedding Ambush!

02e7af5c4a2255d072b924fbf807e54eThere’s this hilarious episode of HBO’s Girls wherein one of the female characters stages a surprise, or “ambush” wedding; she invites all of her friends to a secret party, and unbeknownst to them, plans to tie the knot as soon as her guests arrive. Shoshanna, one of the show’s leading “girls,” is flabbergasted upon realizing that the “party” is really her best friend’s wedding – not because she doesn’t want her to get married, but because she opted to wear white, the ultimate, somewhat outdated wedding fashion faux pas.


An ambush wedding can be a great excuse to get away from it all with your friends!

Regardless of some guests feeling unprepared or inappropriately attired, ambush weddings are definitely becoming a favorable option for many couples looking to tie the knot. As Carmen Feliciano, CEO of explains, “While avoiding paparazzi is a great reason [for celebs] to have an ‘ambush wedding,’ there are equally great reasons for non-celebrities to surprise their friends.” Indeed, these weddings offer a no-fuss alternative to the stressful months of planning that many couples endure leading up to their big day. Forget the formal invites, RSVPs, and catering costs – keep it flexible, and fun!

Feliciano agrees, explaining, “A lot of what takes up wedding planning time is finding at least 10 types of wedding vendors, and coordinating with them and your bridal party. By keeping the affair simple, you cut down on…search and coordination.” Another great reason to opt for an ambush wedding is the obvious element of surprise and fun involved. Inviting guests to meet you at one of your favorite local places, or choosing an exotic faraway destination, will ensure a good time, and even a vacation-like feeling.

Ambush weddings are also appealing to some couples because they provide an escape from more “traditional” wedding expectations. If you and your partner could care less about the catering and décor, surprise your friends and family with an awesome surprise outdoor wedding instead! Partying around a bonfire at the beach, or at a sparsely decorated backyard picnic is just what many couples dream of.

Naturally, ambush weddings are not for everyone, although they are becoming one of the biggest wedding trends of 2014. What do you think about surprise or “ambush” weddings?


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