Games and Tips for Seriously Fun Wedding Receptions

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These days, it feels like couples are facing more pressure than ever to make their wedding an event that not only celebrates their love, but also delights and entertains their guests. Couples want their wedding reception to be one that friends and family remember and talk about for years to come, which is a great aspiration, but one that can add a lot of anxiety to the planning process.

Some folks want an elegant, refined reception; others want the food to be what stands out. For some, the music is the focal point, and for many, they just want their reception to be fun. If you find yourself in the latter category, here are some tips and game ideas that can really make your wedding one to remember:

Arrange to have table games. Weddings are a great chance to mingle with mutual acquaintances, but can also be really awkward for plus-ones and guests who don’t know too many people. Having games at the guest tables during the reception is a great way to help break the ice and constantly keep things fun and light. Games like Wedding I Spy, or even wackier ones like Jenga are a great, thoughtful addition to your reception.

Set up large, outdoor games. If you’re hosting your wedding at a rustic locale (think barn and open field), or having it outdoors in the summertime, outdoor games are a must-have. Giving guests the option to engage in fun activities throughout the reception will keep things lighthearted, and your guests will appreciate the thoughtful effort. You can personalize a lawn game like Cornhole by painting the boxes with you and your hubby’s initials, and easily match the colors of the balls in Croquet or Bocce with those of your wedding theme. If you really want to take your lawn games up a notch, you can rent jumbo-sized games like Jenga, Checkers, or Scrabble that multiple guests can take part in.

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Keep the drinking games to a minimum. In the right setting, with the right group of people, including games that require alcohol might be appropriate for your wedding reception. However, games like “Flip Cup” are really great at speeding up the booze intake, and you probably don’t want to deal with a bunch of intoxicated guests. This is your wedding reception, not a frat party. And besides, drinking games maximize your chances of destroying your beautiful wedding dress, whether you’re partaking, or just stuck with cleaning up the mess.

Another thing to keep in mind is that as easily as games can bring people together, they can also alienate them too. Avoid including video games, or intimate two-person games so that all of your guests can feel included.

Remember, this is your wedding; if you’re going to include games in your reception, make sure they’re games that you actually enjoy! Games or no games, your guests are going to have an amazing time celebrating with you.


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