‘The Longest Date’: How One Woman Found Love without Really Having to Settle Down

3024547-inline-i-2-four-ways-to-make-the-mundane-funny-from-the-longest-date-writer-cindy-chupack“One thing I have never understood is how to work it so that when you’re married, things keep happening to you. Things happen to you when you’re single. You meet new men [or women], you travel alone, you learn new tricks, you read Trollope, you try sushi, you buy nightgowns, you shave your legs. Then you get married, and the hair grows in.” – from Nora Ephron’s autobiographical novel, Heartburn

What do you think: does being married really change everything? Do you stop traveling, and exploring, or trying new things? Do you stop learning, or tasting, or even shaving your legs? These are the things that author, screenwriter, and perpetually “single” Cindy Chupack pondered before recently tying the knot. For years, Chupack used her dating experiences to fuel her material for shows like Sex and the City, which she executive produced and wrote for.

Of getting married at age 40, Chupack explains, “I thought it was the end of my writing career because I had always written about the quest to find love – a noble and clear goal. […] I didn’t know if there was anything to write about marriage or if anyone would care to hear about it.” As it turns out, there’s an awful lot to write about, enough in fact to fill a book, which is exactly what Chupack did. Earlier this month the author released a collection of essays entitled, The Longest Date: Life as a Wife, a humorous, honest take on married life.

In the book, you can trace Chupack’s path towards realizing that the fun doesn’t have to stop once you get married. You can still explore, and taste, and play – you just get to do those things with your wonderful partner. The Longest Date touches on the good and the bad times that married couples face, such as holiday stress, dinner parties, and struggles with infertility. Chupack’s transition into writing about marriage is a beautiful departure from the sexual debauchery and missteps of dating that informed her earlier work. It’s a welcomed change, and a fantastic read.

Learn more about Cindy Chupack on her website.


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