How to Find (Or Make!) Your Perfect Wedding Veil

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Who knew there were so many different veil lengths?
Image: via Pinterest

Wedding veils and other headpieces are a quintessential part of any bridal look. Brides can opt for simple, fuss-free headpieces like jeweled barrettes or a small tiara, or can go for over the top veils that graze the floor behind them and envelop them in gorgeous silk and lace. The best part about this iconic wedding accessory is that there are so many versions to choose from, and picking a veil that fits your personality and style best will be the way to really nail your bridal ensemble.

One of the best places to get started is on Pinterest, where you can peruse hundreds of styles of veils and headpieces. Pinterest Pinners like Hobby Lobby, Wedding Chicks, and Bridal Musings – Wedding Blog, are just three of hundreds of accounts that offer wedding style tips and inspiration. Another great reason to peruse Pinterest for style ideas is because you’re likely to find many DIY-inspired wedding veils and headpieces. In addition to showcasing different wedding veil styles, Hobby Lobby and Wedding Chicks feature dozens of Do-It-Yourself bridal accessory tutorials and tips, ranging from basic projects to really in-depth veils for more experienced crafters.

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Will you opt for a unique or traditional veil for your wedding?
Image: Hobby Lobby via Pinterest

Wedding websites such as offer fantastic advice about selecting bridal accessories, such as how to find the most flattering veil for your face shape. According to Becky Burgin, “The eight basic face shapes are: oval, round, oblong, heart, diamond, square, rectangle, and triangle. The first four shapes are soft and curved, while the last four have more angles and corners,” of the different kinds of facial shapes exist. She then details how to determine what shape yours is, and then, how to find a veil that best compliments it. For example, she explains that soft, face-framing tendrils best accompany a square-shaped jawline.

If your style is more eclectic or edgy, you may want to avoid traditional bridal shops to find your perfect headpiece. There are many custom-made, one-of-a-kind veil makers such as Unveiled Bridal Designs, which features French netting veils, illusion veils, and even wedding hats. Remember, you’ll be happiest and most comfortable wearing a veil or headpiece that best reflects your personal style.

Have fun searching for that special accessory for your special day!


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