3 Wedding-Inspired Instagram Accounts You Have Got to Follow

We all know that it has never been easier to seek wedding inspiration than now, in the digital age. Before, magazines were a bride-to-be’s sole source of information, the only place in which to cultivate creative, unique wedding ideas. Now, between Pinterest, bridal websites and blogs (like this one), and social media platforms, seeking inspiration for your special day is only ever a click away.

Instagram is one of the most fun and highly visual social media outlets out there, and many people from the wedding industry are using it to showcase their work. Here are three Instagram accounts you should definitely follow if you’re seeking inspiration for your wedding day:

Katie Stoops. Katie Stoops is a wedding photographer with a knack for capturing objects and places at important moments, as well as for photographing people when at their most joyful. Her vibrant, whimsical photography has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Brooklyn Bride, Bride & Bloom, and other publications. She uses film and digital to best document each event, and pays particular attention to the way light touches each subject. Her Instagram account is a to-die-for online gallery.

Carol Hannah Whitfield. American fashion designer Carol Hannah Whitfield specializes in creating dreamy, feminine wedding dresses, which you can peruse on her website, or her wonderful Instagram account. Whitfield’s Instagram features drawings, style inspiration, dresses, and more; it’s definitely a good place to cultivate ideas for your own wedding!

Nancy Teasley. Teasley’s Instagram account, called “oakandtheowl,” is named after her southern California based floral and event design studio. Oak And The Owl offers wedding floral styling, interior decorating, and event design services, and the flowers are absolutely stunning. Teasley is clearly an expert in wedding décor, putting flowers at the forefront, and matching arrangements with clients’ taste. Check out her Instagram account for inspiration, or to daydream in the flowers for a while.

It’s easy to get lost in the stunning photographs taken by these three women. What are your favorite wedding-inspired Instagram accounts to follow?


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