Handy Tips from One DIY Bride to Another

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Jill’s beautiful DIY wedding.
Image: jillbieker via Instagram

When Jill Bieker tied the knot in a lovely, vintage and Americana-inspired wedding this fall, she came away from the event with a beaming husband, a slew of new memories, and some sage advice for those brave enough to get their hands dirty planning their own wedding. The blogger and passionate craftswoman recently penned an article for The Huffington Post, which provides “10 Tips for the DIY Bride (And Groom)”. Here is the newlywed’s best advice:

  1. “Over-think the venue.” Bieker insists that putting a lot of thought into your venue will work out best in the long run. She and her hubby settled on a sprawling farm in her hometown, because it gave them more freedom, a decision she does not regret.
  2. “Dream in themes.” Having one or more themes helps guide your vision, and your guests. Dream big!
  3. “Bend your budget.” Bend it, but don’t break it. Bieker suggests tailoring your budget to your own interests; if the dress isn’t as important to you, spend that cash on the venue or entertainment!
  4. “Do a little bit every day or at least every week.” Time management, and giving yourself small tasks that are spread out, will make planning your wedding a lot less stressful that saving everything until the month before.
  5. “Delegate until the cows come home, and enlist the oddballs.” Don’t underestimate your friends’ and family’s abilities; put them to work!
  6. “Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag.” We’ve discussed this before – encouraging your guests to use hashtags on social media will help you to collect wedding photos before the professional gets them developed.
  7. “If you don’t know your vendors, get to them. Quickly.” Having a good relationship with your vendors will yield the best results, and could save you a lot of stress.
  8. “Make sure your filler is killer. And then, repurpose it.” You’re a DIY bride, right? So have fun with upcycled decorations, and then upcycle them some more once the wedding is over!
  9. “Bring a jacket.” Even during the summer, it can get chilly at night!
  10. “Give up.” “Put all frets aside, and enjoy the damn day,” she says. Amen.

What do you think of Bieker’s advice for DIY brides?


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