How to Stay Warm at Your Winter Wedding

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Stay warm during your winter wedding with long sleeves!
Image: davidsbridal via Instagram

Getting married in the winter can make for a magical ceremony and reception. Think twinkle lights, lightly falling snow, and cool color tones. Unfortunately, it can also make for a cold wedding. And while that strapless dress and those itty-bitty heels are oh so cute and delicate, there’s a certain appeal to being warm on your wedding day, too.

Being warm doesn’t have to mean wearing a frumpy parka over your elegant wedding gown; there are plenty of fashionable options that will keep you toasty outdoors or in drafty venues. Consider some of these options:

  1. Fur Accessories – Snuggle up with a white fur (or faux fur) accessory, like a wrap or coat. These can be worn during outdoor ceremonies, during pictures, at the reception, or even on your way out.
  2. Peacoat – Pair your dress with a thigh-length peacoat for a modern and elegant look that keeps the shivers away.
  3. Cape or Capelet – These won’t keep you as warm as fur or a coat might, but wearing a cape or capelet will at least keep your shoulders and back warm. They’ll also complement your dress well. You can also often find a shrug that will function just as well.
  4. Long-Sleeved Gown – If you prefer not to keep warm with accessories, consider a long-sleeved gown. There are many sophisticated and classy dresses available with long sleeves, and choosing one of these over a strapless or halter gown is more season-appropriate as well.
  5. Long Gloves – Instead of long sleeves, pull on some elbow-length gloves to keep your arms warm!

As far as colors go, white is always an option; however, you may also want to consider complementary colors like heather gray, blush pink, or pale blue. Winter weddings can also be a great place to serve hot drinks, like hot chocolate, tea (or Hot Toddies!), cider, and more.

How do you plan on or recommend keeping the goosebumps away during a winter wedding?


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