7 Tips for a Successful Marriage

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What’s the key to a successful marriage?
Image: Angelo Gonzalez via Flickr CC

Divorce rates are stunning these days, but most people don’t go into marriage thinking it won’t end well. Sometimes couples that are completely incompatible tie the knot only to divorce a year later, doomed from the start. But other times, couples that once seemed so perfect for each other slowly begin to grow apart until one day, the marriage they went into no longer truly exists.

It’s tradition for married couples to pass out snippets of wisdom to newlyweds—advice that, when followed, can often strengthen and hold a marriage together through good times and bad. Here are 10 of the best tips for a successful marriage:

  1. Be Accountable. If your marriage is going to last, you’re going to have to recognize something: no one is perfect. Not your partner, and not you. Learn how to be accountable for yourself. Own up to the good and the bad. Take responsibility, and you’ll be able to connect on a deeper, more mature level.
  2. Pick Your Fighting Stance. Learn how to agree and disagree with each other. There will be times that you don’t see eye to eye—and that’s ok. Instead of taking it personally, accept your differences and move on.
  3. Show Them How You Feel. A hug, a kiss, a rub on the shoulders. A quick note to say “I love you.” It doesn’t have to be much, but don’t forget to tell your loved one frequently that you do, in fact, love and appreciate them.
  4. Spend Time Apart. While it’s important to spend time together, it’s equally important to get some alone time in as well. Allow yourselves to be individuals as well as a unit.
  5. Recognize and Remedy Problems. We’ve all got problems, and the first step to resolving them is realizing that they exist. If you are facing an issue as a couple, work together to come up with solutions rather than just ignoring it.
  6. Stop Blaming. If you argue, learn to stop blaming your partner. Instead, listen to their point of view respectfully and without interrupting. Share your point of view, explaining how you feel or felt honestly. Walk in each other’s shoes.
  7. Support Each Other. There will be great times and there will be tough times. Learn to support each other through career frustrations, parenting, financial issues, and more. Be fair and empathetic. Every day won’t be easy, but supporting each other is the best way to get through those hard situations.

What other useful marriage advice have you heard of or given? Leave more suggestions in the comments below!


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