Thousands Of Couples Tied The Knot on 11-12-13

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Save the date for 11-12-13!
Image: Sarah Parrott via Flickr CC

Earlier this week, thousands of couples were married on Tuesday, November 12th, in favor of having their wedding on a date with consecutive numbers. Tuesday read as 11-12-13 on a calendar, and it’s the second-to-last sequential date of this century. This is what experts believe prompted an estimated 3,326 Americans to deliberately wed on that day – to forever commemorate their union on a significant, sequential date.

Wedding retailer David’s Bridal conducted a “What’s on Brides’ Minds” survey recently, which revealed that 40% of women would consider planning their wedding on a special date. Brian Beitler, the company’s chief marketing officer explains, “The wedding is the most significant event happening in a couple’s life at the moment, and potentially one of the most important of their entire life. Anything that helps to make that more significant is important to them. Whether it’s wearing a mother’s wedding dress or jewelry, brides always look for something to help mark this momentous occasion, and sequential numbers can be a very important reason to do that,” in response to the overwhelming number of couples that wed on Tuesday.

Planning your wedding on a significant date is a romantic detail, but also a practical one. Many couples decided to marry on 11-12-13 to avoid forgetting the date of their wedding anniversary in the future. It’s much easier to memorize sequential dates, which gives spouses no excuse to forget their anniversary a few years down the road. Similarly, when planning a wedding, it’s easier for guests to remember and plan accordingly for the special day when it’s scheduled on a more memorable date.

There’s something really romantic and unique about setting a date that has a special meaning or significance attached. Do you think it’s important to get married on a meaningful date?


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