A Very Black Affair: Gothic Weddings

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Weddings aren’t just for those who want to look like Disney princes and princesses, though that’s what mainstream vendors would have you believe. The beauty of a wedding is that it can be whatever you want it to be. And if you’re just not a bright-colors, white-dress kind of girl, well, that’s okay!

Elegance comes in many colors, and black is one of them. Offbeat Bride featured Samantha and Steven’s wedding back in 2012, and it’s beautiful enough to make the non-goth girl want to follow suit. Samantha’s hair was dyed a rich royal purple, which matched the bridesmaid’s dresses and the groomsmen’s vests. Her bouquet featured black calla lilies and had other hints of purple.  Even the lights at the venue put off a purple hue.

The reception tables were decorated with deep purple tablecloths, gothic candelabras, and black goblets. The cake? Well, it was white with bloody red accents, topped with two green-skinned figurines. Treats for guests included a variety of spooky Halloween candy, including whirly pops (purple, of course). All in all, the wedding was gothic Halloweeny perfection.Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 9.44.40 AM

If you’re considering having a Gothic wedding, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why do you want to have a Gothic wedding? Is it for attention or to look cool? Or is it because you really are a part of the Gothic subculture and want your wedding to be a genuine reflection of you and your beloved?
  2. Will you have a theme? You don’t have to—a wedding can simply be Gothic. But it could be fun to theme things around a favorite movie if you’re willing to get creative—such as the Nightmare Before Christmas.
  3. When will the wedding be? It doesn’t have to be on Halloween just because it’s a Gothic wedding.
  4. What kind of dress do you want to have? You can go with a traditional white dress if you want, but Gothic weddings are also a great opportunity to wear a colored dress, like black, purple, or red.
  5. How can you keep from alienating conservative family members? Yes, the big day is about you and your love joining together, but it’s also about joining your two families. Try to strike a balance between Gothic and traditional to ensure that everyone can have a good time and feel comfortable.

Images: emmadreamstar via Flickr CC


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