5 Fabulous Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

shutterstock_105538277It’s official: you’re engaged! Now it’s time to get down to business and start planning that wedding. One of the first things to do is choose your bridesmaids. You can simply ask your closest friends, but adding in a bit of flare could be fun, too. Check out these 5 fabulous ways to propose to your bridesmaids.

  1. Put a Ring on them—a Ring Pop, of course! Package each lady’s favorite flavor of Ring Pop in a small square box with a message pasted to the underside of the lid and their name on the outside. When they open up the tiny gift, they’ll find your request and their ring!
  2. Card them—Give your bridesmaids heartfelt and honest cards asking them to be a part of your big day. The card can be sappy and sweet, or it can be spunky and a little rough around the edges, like this one.
  3. Every girl loves a scarf—If you’re the crafty type, consider getting Pashmina scarves and sewing on a special message—“[Name], will you be my bridesmaid?” When it’s all wrapped up, it’ll look like a funky design. Your girls can wear it anywhere and be reminded of your friendship.
  4. Lure them with food—Use food as an excuse—attach a message to cupcakes or chocolate, or paint a special mug/plate/bowl with the question and then have them over for dinner. Create a “survival kit” with all their favorite things inside. Give them cake in a mason jar. The possibilities are endless!
  5. Secret message—Hide a message inside a tiny bottle, box, or locket, or have them solve a puzzle that reveals your question (jigsaw, crossword, scavenger hunt). Chances are, they’ll probably be on to you, but at least they’ll have fun completing their quest!

Check out this article at The Knot and this one from BuzzFeed for some additional ideas on proposing to your bridesmaids!

Images: Shutterstock


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