Who’s Who, the Wedding Way

Weddings are a wonderful excuse to bring all our friends and family together in one place. But while the happy couple may be familiar with all those faces, wedding guests won’t likely be quite so lucky. Unless the wedding is very small and intimate, friends and family from either side might find themselves wondering who other guests are, and where they fit into the couple’s life.

Glamour recently posted an article with a fantastic idea—creating a “Who’s Who” list to pass out to guests at the wedding. The chart isn’t unlike a simple genealogy list. The example used by the magazine includes three main sections guests fall under: the bride, the groom, or mutual acquaintances.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.17.24 PM

Image from glamour.com

The bride’s and groom’s columns, labeled with their individual silhouettes, categorized guests as “Family,” “Family Friends,” or “Friends.” The mutual section, which was appropriately marked by two wedding bands overlapping, listed friends of both the bride and groom. All members of the wedding party were also specially marked.

While that gives guests a handy list of family and friends, it still doesn’t really tell them much other than names; that’s why many of the names also have symbols next to them that explain how they met the couple. Icons were used to mark whether they met through college, work, or growing up. And of course, there is a key for the symbols located at the top of the page.

While it would be great if everyone got to spend the wedding reception chatting with the people they’re there to see—the couple—that’s not likely to be the case. Having something like this provides guests with a little bit of extra information on other guests, and could help them get more comfortable with someone they’re seated next to but haven’t yet met.

Of course, this is probably an activity best used on small to medium sized weddings with fewer than 100 people—listing off 300 guests and their relationship to the couple is likely to be far more time consuming than is rational.

What do you think of using a “Who’s Who” page to help guests get to know each other?


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