10 Quirky Alternative Vases

Screen shot 2556-10-01 at 16.08.17When it comes down to it, for many people planning the big day is a careful balance between being traditional and being unique. They want their wedding day to be memorable—for them and for others—but there’s also a certain comfort to sticking with tradition. It is, after all, the reason we bother with a ceremony and reception at all when we could just go down to City Hall for a much quicker, easier, and cheaper joining.

But being traditional doesn’t mean you can’t stand apart from the crowd at the same time. For example, flowers are traditionally included in wedding ceremonies and receptions as decoration and in bouquets. Centerpieces are often made out of a stunning array of seasonal blooms.

With everyone using flowers, making the arrangement unique is best done by changing up a single thing: the container! Check out these 10 quirky alternatives to the traditional vase:

  1. Cowboy boots—Connect with your small town roots by using old cowboy boots as vases. Surely you have a few in your closet? If not, check out your local thrift shop.

  2. Wine bottles—Start saving those wine bottles now, and ask friends and family to do the same. You’ll be glad you did when you get all those “vases” for free! If you’re feeling crafty, peel the labels off and give the bottles a colorful makeover.Screen shot 2556-10-01 at 16.13.34

  3. Mason jars—Oh Mason jar, how we love thee! Buy a few flats of these jars and you’re ready to roll!

  4. Tin can—Save your cans from beans, tomatoes, corn, green beans, soup, or any other canned goods. Peel off those tacky labels and either leave the cans naked or decorate them with things like lined up crayons, scrapbook paper, or doilies.

  5. Vase covered in nature—Take a simple vase and cover it in your choice of nature-y things, like acorns, fall leaves, or twigs.

  6. Light bulb—“Green” up your wedding by using old light bulbs for vases. Flipping them upside down, filling them with water, and placing them in a stand produces a surprisingly satisfying result.

  7. Sugar shaker—Use a sugar (or a parmesan cheese/crushed red pepper) shaker with large holes for a few select blooms. You know the kind I’m talking about—the ones present at every pizza shop… ever.

  8. Vials—Take the true minimalist route and buy individual vials for your flowers. These can be hung by strings, attached to walls, or secured on tables. You’ll save on two costs: flowers and vases!

  9. Test tubes—Get in touch with your nerdy side and purchase some test tubes for your flowers. They even come with handy little holders!

  10. Paper & doily cones—Paste large doilies onto your choice of colored paper (paper bag brown is always nice), cut into a circle around the doily, and roll into a thin cone shape. Insert flowers that will be ok without water for a while (like Baby’s Breath) and voila!

Those are just a few ideas for adding originality to your flower displays. What are some other ideas for quirky alternative vases you’ve heard of?

Image: ilovebutter via Flickr CC

Image: Whatevercomestomind via Flickr CC



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