5 Suggestions for an Inexpensive Wedding


Don’t let money get in the way of your perfect wedding.

Those who are ready to tie the knot shouldn’t have to be held back by such a petty little thing as money. Sadly, that situation is familiar to far too many people. Couples who want to have a public celebration (i.e. not eloping in Vegas or going to City Hall) but don’t have extra cash lying around are faced with two choices: wait until they can save up enough money or get married on credit. Of course, lots of couples get married on a budget, but for some even a $2,500-$5,000 wedding is just too expensive to absorb.

Happily, though, there is another option for these couples: getting married for free. Well, almost for free, anyway. There are a surprising number of ways to plan a wedding that doesn’t cost much of anything, and couples who are willing to tap into their own resourcefulness and creativity will find that they’ll save quite the bundle when it comes right down to it. Check out these 5 great money-saving options to see if any of them appeal to you!

  1. Blog Giveaways—Every day, thousands of blogs host giveaways. We’re talking blogs, not huge websites (though you can join those, too), where to enter all that needs to be done is “like” or “retweet” or “comment” on a blog’s page. Whether you win that dream vacation or a simple $50 gift card to Etsy, isn’t it worth your 30 seconds of time to enter?

  2. Amber Tamblyn's wedding in the woods

    There are countless beautiful venues that won’t cost you a dime!

    Free Craigslist Items—People have an incredible amount of stuff that they just don’t want anymore—and that doesn’t mean it’s not nice. Browse sites like Craigslist and Freecycle.org to find free items that might work for your big day.

  3. Location, Location—Did you know that not all venues cost money? Sure, that big cathedral would be nice, but is it worth $5,000? Heck no! Take a stroll around the corner and get married in a public park, in a friend or family member’s back yard, or beside the lake.

  4. E-Invitations—For the most part, things are all electronic these days anyway. Send out your invitations digitally (except perhaps a select few to non-computer users) and you’ll save on postage, printing, and pain. Sign up for a free wedding site to give guests all the info they need.

  5. Free Printables—Download or create your own menus, seat assignment cards, and more. You can print these at your local Kinko’s or other print shop inexpensively or print them on your own cardstock at home!

Of course, that’s just barely tapping the potential of free. You can also become a DIY king or queen, and browse websites for incredibly inexpensive items (check out Etsy for wedding bands and dresses). Use old alcohol bottles for vases and wine containers. Take advantage of crowdsourcing for photography. Ask a few relatives to help out with making food—the opportunity for savings is nearly endless. For more ideas on how to get the most for your money, check out this great list from Idojour.

And sure, it would be easier to pay more and do less on your own… but what better way to make your wedding absolutely, unquestionable you than to do it all yourself?


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