Wedding China: A Delicate Decision

Screen shot 2556-09-19 at 18.37.09It feels like it’s getting more common these days for couples to cut down on the wedding registry and just ask for honeymoon donations. As we move forward in time, away from the 1950s era ideal of relationships before marriage, it’s more likely than ever that couples have lived together before marriage. And a lot of times, that means they already have many of those household staples that always show up on registry lists.

Dining set? Check. Flatware? Check. Towels? Check. Stemware? Appliances? Bedding for two? Check, check, checkity-check. In many cases, those items may not be the best of the best, or even full sets, but they’re still fully useable. Couples aren’t moving straight from their parents’ houses into their newly-purchased home with their brand new husband or wife nearly as often as they used to.

wedding registry

So when I think about traditions like registering for fine china, I wonder what the trend is these days. Some families pass china down like an heirloom. Most Baby Boomer and older couples seem to have a fine china set that generally gets brought out for fancy events like Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving. But we seem to be moving away from traditions like these, as many young couples pursue more unorthodox ways of life.

Fine china feels like one of those little luxuries of life; something that would be nice to own but that you might not necessarily purchase yourself. Many couples only ever bring the china out once a year, if that, and the rest of the time it just sits in a box. But those that do use their china occasionally often say that they love doing so because it reminds them of their wedding day—and that makes them smile.

What do you think? Is fine china worthy of a wedding registry, or is it just an expensive tradition that should be scrapped?

Teacup Image: Lisa Marie Hart via Flickr CC



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