Ideas for Your Rustic Fall Wedding

Screen shot 2556-09-17 at 20.20.01Summer is finally coming to an end, and now we’re drifting into fall. Whether your fall wedding is fast approaching, is a year out, or is still but a dream on the horizon, here are some ideas on how to get the most out of your fall wedding.

Fall practically begs for a contrast between dark and bright colors. Consider using deep purple, chocolate brown, dark crimson, or gold as one (or all) of your wedding colors. These colors are stunning when paired with brighter summer colors, like yellow, green, and orange.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons—colorful leaves, golden sunlight filtering through the trees, and vineyards full of ripening grapes. But depending on when your wedding takes place—early in the season or late—it may or may not be warm enough for guests to sit outside for long. If you’ve settled on having a late fall and outdoors wedding, help guests stay warm by using space heaters, providing fuzzy blankets, or even providing cups of hot cocoa. That way, you can have your rustic outdoors wedding without making friends and family freeze.

There’s always the potential for a Halloween-themed wedding in the fall, but if you want something subtler, there are plenty of great options for décor. Tasteful pumpkin accents can be used just about anywhere. Consider tiny pumpkins for your bouquet or centerpieces, miniature pumpkins as placeholders or seat assignments, and larger pumpkins near doorways or anywhere else that needs seasonal flair.

Screen shot 2556-09-17 at 20.13.38If pumpkins still seem a bit too Halloween-y, use the changing fall leaves to your advantage. Not only can you find them everywhere for free, but they will also provide a natural, rustic color and feel. Pinecones and other woodsy elements like twisty, thin branches are also great options for centerpieces.

To capture that fall lighting, use amber colored candles instead of white. These candles will give off a softer light and glow that captures the magic of fall evenings perfectly. You can use candelabras if they’re available, find floating candles, or even use simple pillar candles.

Lanterns—floating and otherwise—are also a fantastic way to get soft fall lighting. Vintage looking lanterns can hang from hooks or sit on tables, and floating lanterns (colored or white) always look stunning strung up above.

How will you, or did you, celebrate your fall wedding? Share in the comments below!

Image: Maria Panayiotou via Flickr CC

Image: Stephanie Vacher via Flickr CC



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