The Wrath of Bridezilla… and Two Other Creative Bridal Shower Games

Screen shot 2556-09-06 at 15.39.40The big day is approaching, and for maids of honor that means it’s time to start planning a bridal shower. Like every other part of the wedding ceremony and reception, your bride is sure to want a shower that is unique and fun. Bachelorette parties can be full of ridiculous (and sometimes racy) games, but bridal showers are a place where other ladies not in the wedding party can get involved—parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and future in-laws.

So how can you plan a fun yet unique bridal shower? Check out some of these creative bridal shower games for the ladies and see if one (or more) might be right for your bride(zilla).

1.   Bridezilla—We’ve all heard of, and maybe even dealt with, bridezillas. Now it’s time for everyone to take their turn being a bridezilla. Put together a completely hideous veil using glitter, a tiara, tulle, and more. When guests arrive at the bridal shower, inform them that the words “wedding” and “bride” are banned. Anyone who says either of the words becomes the bridezilla and must wear her hideous veil. It’s harder to refrain than some guests might think, and the game will surely get a few chuckles out and break the ice.

2.   Chick-Flick Charades—It’s charades, but themed. Choose several chick flicks with distinctive scenes in them, such as Baby and Johnny’s final dance scene in Dirty Dancing. Create two teams and have one person from each team act out the scenes together. The first team to guess the correct movie wins the point. Oh so many good movies to choose from!

3.   Ring Hunt—Who doesn’t want to find a diamond ring lying around? Purchase several fake diamond rings and hide them around the house or area where the bridal shower is taking place. Guests can collect them throughout the party and wear them as they find them. The person with the most rings at the end wins!

What other fun and creative bridal shower games have you played or heard of? Share with other bridal shower planners in the comments below!

Image: Danni Suplicki via Flickr CC


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