12-Month Wedding Plan Timeline

If you want to make wedding planning less stressful, one of the best things you can do is give yourself enough time to plan everything out. Twelve months to plan a wedding is ideal, as it lets you get all the details right without feeling like you’re Pam from The Office with the longest engagement ever.

Check out this great infographic from Lauren Conrad. It has a twelve-month planning timeline, reminding you of all the important bits in a timely manner. Some highlights include holding an engagement party right off the bat, as well as drafting a potential guest list at 12 months out.

Screen shot 2556-09-05 at 09.51.12Ten months out, you can select your bridal party and take engagement photos. At eight months to go, you should have your dress picked out and begin planning details like hotel rooms and hair and makeup.

With half a year remaining, it’s time for some fun stuff like sending out save the dates and booking your honeymoon. Four months to go means planning the rehearsal dinner and confirming all vendors.

Screen shot 2556-09-05 at 09.52.10Writing vows and sending invitations should happen at about two months before. Six weeks will arrive in no time, and you will find yourself applying for a marriage license and nailing down final details. With one month, all the hard stuff is over—time for a bachelorette party and bridal shower!

The infographic also details one week out, 48 hours before, and day before. For anyone planning a formal wedding event, it’s got some great suggestions to keep you on track towards your big day. Check it out for yourself and see what you think!

Screen shot 2556-09-05 at 09.53.55Images: Aisleperfect.com


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