5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Ridiculously Fun

Weddings. Fun. The two should go together, but let’s face it: sometimes they don’t. As many weddings have been held, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and plan a wedding that’s, well, a bit cliché. Ceremony, announcement of the newly wed couple, speeches, food, cake, dancing.

Not that those things can’t be fun, but how about a little originality? Think outside the box for your big day and try to incorporate a little extra fun into the party with these ideas.Screen shot 2556-08-27 at 15.19.02

•               Games—Have you ever been to a reception where there were games? Be adventurous and plan some sort of crowd-pleaser like bocce ball, a scavenger hunt, a piñata, or even a crossword puzzle or word search. You be the judge!

•               Live music—It doesn’t have to be the hippest, most expensive band, either.  Just something alive instead of a DJ. Find a swing or jazz band if it suits you, and maybe even consider putting on a surprise performance if you’re musically talented.

•               Wedding weekend—Especially for couples with out-of-town attendees, consider making a weekend of it. Get guests familiar with the setting by treating them to a ski-lift ride or day hike, or have a day-after brunch. Go to the beach the day before or go on a boat tour. Let guests see you for more than a few hours!Screen shot 2556-08-27 at 15.28.25

•               Surprise performances—Consider bringing in entertainment other than music, like a spoken word poet, dancers, or artists to capture the moments and guests. Attendees will be sure to appreciate the novelty, and you’ll get some great memories out of it.

•               Treat the kids—Adults might be pleased with the usual happenings, but what about the kids? Providing activities for your youngest guests will help everyone have a better time. Plan some kid games and activities like coloring books and crafts to keep the little ones occupied.

Image: Ian Westcott via Flickr CC

Image: Jessie Owen via Flickr CC


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