The Cutest Wedding Food You’ll Ever See

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If you had all the time and money in the world to plan your wedding, what would you do? I know one thing I’d love to have is cute food. You know what I mean—you’ve seen it: food that’s too tiny, too perfect, too, well, cute to be real. Except that it is real.

Cute food peers at you from the store shelves. It lurks, patiently waiting for you to spot it and, consequently, be unable to resist purchasing it. If I could only eat cute food, I would do it.

Now cute food is finding a new way into the world: through weddings. Couples everywhere are serving foods at their weddings that are adorably tiny and unbelievably full of character. Here are some of my “cutest” finds:

•               Pie Pops—Yes, they’re exactly like cake pops, but they’re mini pies. Flattened out, these quaint little pies are complete with crust lattice and hearts in the center. This is a great option for couples that aren’t so hot on cake.

•               Miniature cotton candies on sticks. Regular cotton candy is great on its own—so that makes mini-cotton candy even better. If you can get your hands on a cotton candy maker, they’ll be super cheap to make and your guests will love them.

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•               Mason Jar refreshments. There’s something that mason jars have that just can’t be beat. They’re homey and reminiscent of hot summer nights spent with loved ones—and that makes them the perfect addition to any summer wedding. Serve up some pink lemonade or other punch in mason jars and add a classic swirl-striped straw for good measure.

•               Cookies and milk add sweetness and joy to any celebration. Serve up some shot-glass sized milk with a cookie daintily balanced on top for maximum cuteness effect.

•               Tiny burgers and ales are, though perhaps a tad ineffective, pretty dang cute, too. Some couples have served up miniature slider burgers alongside smaller-than-pint-sized pint glasses, paying homage to good ‘ol American food while not sacrificing any daintiness. Now that takes talent!

•               Cocktail popsicles are probably best served in smaller sizes, lest the guests get a little too pleased with the offerings. Fruity pops can be made to please adults with the addition of your favorite alcohols, and serving them in mini-form means you’ll likely go through less alcohol that way.

If you had to choose just one cute wedding food to serve, which would you choose? Would it be a sweet treat or the main meal? A snack or a cocktail?

Image: Mary Helen Leonard via Flickr CC

Image: Arkomas via Flickr CC

Featured Image: Rebecca Siegel via Flickr CC


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