Duties of a Best Man

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You all know the duties of a maid of honor (MOH) (leader of bridesmaids, personal assistant to bride, hostess, toastess, etc.), but do you know what a best man is supposed to do? If not, fear not, for their duties are contained within this very post.

Screen shot 2556-08-09 at 13.06.55But first, a little bit of history. Having a best man and groomsmen is a tradition that originally came about for quite different reasons than today. Still a position in honor back in the day, groomsmen actually used to be called “bride-knights.” When marriage by capture was common, the bride-knights would help the would-be groom kidnap his bride-to-be.

Today, times are a little different (but much better for the bride). The best man’s role, rather than being the leader of a bride-stealing gang, is very similar to that of the maid of honor. He is usually the groom’s oldest and best friend or sibling, and essentially does whatever the groom needs done. Here’s a shortlist of what those duties might include:

•               Assist the groom in choosing formal wear (AKA tuxedos, tails, shoes, etc.)

•               Organize and host the bachelor party

•               Keep the bride’s ring during the ceremony

•               Pay and, if necessary, tip the vendors and any other hired help

•               Give a speech at the reception

•               Return formal wear after the wedding, as the groom is usually off Honeymooning soon after

•               Help the groom with anything else needed

Some grooms do not ask much, simply that the best man be present and give a speech, but others might expect more from their most honored friend or sibling. Are there any other duties you can think of that the best man is in charge of?

Image: josh shaw via Flickr

Image: VancityAllie.com via Flickr


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