Another Santo Domingo Wedding, This Time With a Royal Twist

Andres Santo Domingo wedding

Lauren Santo Domingo’s beautiful wedding dress

Are you still drooling over photographs from Lauren Davis and Andres Santo Domingo’s 2008 wedding? I know I am, and with good reason. After all, their lavish ceremony is still considered to be one of the first high society weddings of the century. If vicariously reliving those fabulous nuptials through photographs isn’t enough, fear not, for there is another Santo Domingo wedding in the works.

Ever since their engagement announcement last summer, Andres Santo Domingo’s niece Tatiana and fiancé Andrea Casiraghi have had the public captivated in anticipation of another extravagant Santo Domingo wedding. Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo may be considered New York royalty because of their elite social status, but Casiraghi is a direct heir to the Monegasque throne, and grandson of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. Now that the couple has set a date for their nuptials, fashion publications and media are buzzing with excitement.

santo domingo

Soon to be newlyweds, Tatiana and Andrea

When Lauren and Andres tied the knot in 2008, Vogue Magazine deemed it the “wedding of the year,” and many are predicting that Tatiana Santo Domingo and Andrea Casiraghi’s wedding is going to be even bigger. New York Magazine jokingly declares that “this wedding will make Kate Middle-whatever’s look like a City Hall shotgun ceremony,” a bold assertion in the wake of the most captivating royal wedding to date. Still, with Tatiana Santo Domingo’s billionaire family ties paired with Andrea Casiraghi’s royal legacy, the wedding is surely going to one we remember for years to come.

The normally very private couple will have to brave the press until after they tie the knot; there is no escaping the media that wants to capture every detail of the high profile ceremony. Vogue is reportedly going to be covering the affair, so until a feature story is published, take a walk down memory lane to Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo’s Cartegena wedding.


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