A Shape For All Styles

engagment ringWhen you get an engagement ring, hopefully you’ll be wearing it for quite some time—if not for the rest of your life. That makes liking the thing incredibly important. Whether you’ve chosen a traditional diamond for your stone or some other precious gem, you’ll want to know the different shapes available so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

There are ten basic shapes available: round, princess, emerald, asscher, marquise, radiant, oval, pear, heart, and cushion. The most popular is the “round brilliant.” According to diamond.com, it has a total of 57 facets and is designed to have “the most brilliance, fire and sparkle of all the shapes.”

The princess cut is also incredibly popular these days. Princess cuts are square or rectangular in shape and have sharp corners with many facets. Like the round cut, they refract light well and give off a lot of sparkle.

Screen shot 2556-08-01 at 14.24.22Emerald and asscher cuts are both elegant and classic. Unlike the round and princess cuts, emerald cuts have few facets. This shows clarity in the stone, rather than focusing on sparkle. For those who want the geometrical feel of the emerald but the sparkle of a round cut, the radiant cut could be a good option—as it is a combination between the two.

The cushion cut is similar to the princess in that it has many facets and is rectangular in shape, but its corners are softer and the facets are larger. This increases the stone’s brilliance. Oval-cut stones are another option for those looking for a “classic” feel. Brilliant and elongated in shape, oval-cuts are a more delicate shape and could appeal to those with smaller hands.

The marquise, pear, and heart cuts all add a fancy flare to engagement rings. The marquise is similar to the oval cut, but is pointed at both ends rather than rounded. Pear-shaped cuts, shaped like teardrops, are a combination of marquise and oval cuts. Hearts are…. well, hearts. And who doesn’t like that?

Are you bold enough for a round or princess cut? Perhaps you’re more attracted to cuts that feel more classic or vintage—like the emerald, asscher, cushion, or oval. Or maybe your personality calls for a little more flare, like what the marquise, pear, or heart cuts offer. Which cut will you (or did you already) choose?

Image: diamond.com


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