Now more than ever before, social media is making its way into weddings everywhere. We’re fast becoming a society that’s obsessed with instant gratification and shouting our joys out for the world to see. We want to be unique, but we also want to make everything accessible to our friends and family—and it’s there that social media has been a screaming success.

Screen shot 2556-07-30 at 13.27.30Believe it or not, hashtags (or should I say #hashtags?) are fast becoming the next big thing for wedding planning and celebrations. Couples are chronicling their journey via social media and hashtags, and they are inviting guests to do the same. Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or elsewhere, hashtags allow couples to create a digital record that can be returned to time and again in the future.

The rise of smartphones also allows for a switchover from professional to amateur photography. Instead of hiring professional photographers, some couples are simply asking guests to do the honors by snapping candid photos and then uploading them to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Other couples have both professionals and guests snap photos of the big day.

One fun new trend that pays tribute to the old and the new is the use of Evergram to send a “telegram” to couples if you can’t make the wedding. A telegram in every sense but physical, these notes of support and love can be sent off to let couples know you are thinking of them.

What do you think of these new ways to incorporate technology and social media into weddings? Are they interesting and innovative or simply a subpar substitute for the traditions they originate from?


Featured Image: Wonderlane via Flickr

Inset Image: Miss Pixels via Flickr


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