Trash the Dress: Yay or Nay?

A new wedding trend has cropped up lately, and it’s called “Trashing the Dress.” After their big day, brides are getting down and dirty—literally—dragging their dresses through mud, jumping off waterfalls in full gown, and even setting their priceless pieces on fire.

Screen shot 2556-07-25 at 13.19.45Why? They want to do something totally unique.

It can be hard to feel unique when wedding planning, and sometimes it can feel like everything has already been done by someone, somewhere. In an effort to get around that, brides seem willing to do anything to make sure their big day can’t be replicated.

One bride recently photographed by White Studio Photography had her friend douse her dress in flammable liquid and then light it on fire with a sparkler. Then, flames leaping high, she ran into the ocean to put the ruined dress out.

Trashing the dress has happened before, but this latest episode has the photography community up in a huff because it has such potentially dangerous consequences. Brides who drag their dress through the mud, float in shallow water, or even spray paint their dress may be ruining an expensive piece of clothing—but at least they’re not endangering their lives.

Those fears are not without danger. Last year, one bride drowned during her “Trash the Dress” session. The thirty-year-old newlywed was near a waterfall, and the weight of the wet dress dragged her underwater.

What do you think of trashing the dress as a trend? Would you ever consider trashing your gown? If so, remember to stay safe.

Featured Image: GeoFX via Flickr

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