When DIY Fails

There are a LOT of DIY projects out there—the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly.  Getting married on a budget is one of those things that can be both fun and frustrating, especially if your money-saving scheme involves doing lots of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects.

Places like Pinterest have a way of making DIY projects look ridiculously easy, cheap, and fail-proof. Unfortunately for those of us who are not professional crafters or artists, the exact opposite is far too often true.

Sometimes your frosting turns out too goopy, or you forgot to stir your bonding agent the opposite direction for five swirls. At times, you may even smudge or smear ink on that almost perfect invitation or sign—and always on the very last letter or finishing touch. Cake pops? More like melting cake blobs.

Screen shot 2556-07-23 at 13.48.46

For those moments, when you feel incredibly frustrated, inept, and angry, the DIY Bride (AKA Mikala Bierma) has you covered. These short satirical videos are sure to give you a few chuckles in your moments of DIY woe.

There are also DIY fails to be found on Offbeat Bride, most appropriately labeled “Ugly DIY.” And it’s not just wedding DIY craft fails—there are also kids’ holiday projects and more to make you feel just the tiniest bit better if your project didn’t go quite right.

What’s your worst DIY fail (oh come on, everyone has at least one)? Was it cookie monster cupcake puddles? Or how about “cake pop vomit blobs,” as Ang Jandak called hers? Perhaps you ventured into origami and tissue paper-land? Those projects always seem to be bound for failure.

Write about your “Ugly DIY” in the comments below!

Image: Taryn via Flickr


2 thoughts on “When DIY Fails

  1. I followed Paula Deen’s recipe for red velvet cake to the letter, except that I’d failed to find a sufficient quantity of red food color. So I shrugged and used the entire multi-pack thinking that the color really didn’t matter. Was I wrong? Yes I was. I ended up with khaki velvet cake. Khaki. Really. I should have shipped it to Afghanistan. It tasted fine but you had to close your eyes to enjoy it.

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