Decisions, Decisions: 5 Decision Making Techniques to Make Life Easier

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If you have trouble making decisions, then wedding planning can become an outright disaster. When there are so many wonderful options for flowers, dresses, colors, food, venues, and more…. how do you choose?

 Here are some tips for making easier, better decisions—something that will be invaluable for all who venture into wedding-planning land.

 Go with your instincts. As much as our instincts may not necessarily be based in fact, they are still important to listen to. We can’t always explain why we like or don’t like something—it just is the way it is. Which flower do you feel better about? Go with that one.

 Look at the numbers. Exactly the opposite of instincts are cold, hard facts. When you can’t feel your way through a decision (or don’t want to), look to all the data and information available to you. If budgeting is important, how much money does each cost comparatively? And if you like the one that costs more, is it worth it to spend the extra cash?

Remember what you know. It sounds, well, silly—but sometimes we forget to use our own knowledge base to make a decision. For example, when choosing bridesmaids’ dresses, keep in mind what you know about each of your lovely ladies. What are their body types? Will they feel comfortable and beautiful in your chosen dresses? It’s easy to imagine that all dresses and shades will work as well for one person as another, but that’s really not true, is it?

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Consider credibility. Stuck between two dresses—one at the wedding shop and another you found online? Remember to consider how credible your sources are. That wedding dress online might be $200 cheaper, but what is it made of? Is it made by hand, or mass-produced in a factory? Can they tailor it to fit? What do online reviews say about the source? The last thing you want is to end up with an ill-fitting, low quality gown because you didn’t do your homework.

 Use pros & cons for tiebreakers. It’s incredibly simple, but many people forget about that good old pros and cons list. If you really can’t decide, sit down and think of all the pros and cons you can for one option. Be honest. Then do it for the other option. Likely, you will either start to lean one way over another—and if not, your list will help you make an objective decision.

What are some other decision making techniques you use to make decisions easier?


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