Vintage is the New Trend for 2013 Weddings

It might seem a little ironic, but it’s true: vintage is the newest trend in weddings this season. Newlyweds are hearkening back to the Roaring 20s with elaborate weddings, complete with all the sparkle, glamour, and sophistication you would expect.



Perhaps it’s the release of Baz Luhrmann’s rendition of The Great Gatsby. Or maybe people are lusting after Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman’s wedding—in which Anne sported a beautiful hand-painted gown and flapper-style headpiece and Adam looked quite the dapper man in a classic tux and bowtie combo. Whatever’s causing the back-in-time trend, it’s making weddings more romantic than ever.

Unfortunately, the one thing these Gatsby-esque weddings might not be so easy on is the pocketbook. With all the glamour of the 1920s comes a sizeable bill. Elaborate wedding invitations complete with foil edging, full plate (and sometimes multiple-course) meals, plenty of flowing champagne and wine, and black-tie attire may be beautiful, but can be difficult to achieve on a budget.



An article on Bella Figura also predicts that weddings this season will trend toward metallic and pastel colors, fancy wedding invitation with traditional Roman fonts or handwritten calligraphy, and destination weddings set in rustic or European locales. Fun and funky weddings on the beach will likely go down in popularity this year as more couples seek quainter settings.

What do you think of these new trends? While just a few years ago bold and modern colors like red and black were all the rage, now couples are going for a softer look. It may not look quite as shiny and new, but it’s certainly romantic and has no shortage of glitz and glam.

Photo credit: Ashley Photographer + the Itty Bitty Party Committee.


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