Wedding Food & Drink Trends of 2013

If you’re one to follow (or purposely not follow) trends, you’ll want to know what the 2013 food & drink trends for weddings are. Whether you’re planning your big day, helping a friend plan theirs, or just love everything “wedding,” knowing what the trends are will help you stay stylish and classy.

Speaking of classy, that’s just what’s on the menu this year—brides and grooms everywhere are upping the sophistication ante on food and drinks. Whereas in years past, a simple menu of appetizers—cheese, bread, fruit, veggies—might have been the popular thing to do, this year there has been an appetite for more formality. Rather than a casual buffet with a few snacks, couples are instead wanting to have plated dinners.

That’s good news for caterers, who will be sure to make bank. But staying in line with going green and DIY, couples are most commonly seeking out fresh and local caterers. Everything from coffee to jam to produce is being requested, and couples often even write down the local business’ information on their menus (yes, they even have menus!).

Speaking of menus, guests will most certainly also need a cocktail menu, as cosmos and martinis are getting shunted aside for fancy and unique champagne infusions that include ingredients like lavender and ginger. With both the food and the drinks, it seems, couples want to make a statement and be as unique as possible.

Wedding Drinks - Photo credit Flickr VancityAllie

Along with this return to formality comes a fusion between modern and vintage. While glassware and silverware may be returning to styles reminiscent of the good ‘ol days, the thirst and hunger-quenchers are all new.


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