5 Ways You Can Use Mason Jars At Your Wedding

I don’t know about you, but I love mason jars. There is something that feels so quaint, reminiscent, and warm about them. They remind me of my grandmother’s grape jelly, of cold homemade strawberry lemonade, of a time that life was far less complex. They make me smile inside.

If you are like me, why not take that simple item and make it a part of your big day? Mason jars are famous for their many uses, and with the rise of social media sites like Pinterest, the possibilities are endless and easy to find. Consider these five ways to incorporate mason jars into your big day (or look on Pinterest for another option!).

1. Give homemade jam as wedding favors. Mason jars come in size “tiny” and their two-piece screw-on lids allow for easy but attractive decoration and labeling. Plus, homemade jam is something your guests can actually use!

2. Use mason jars as centerpiece vases. Whether you’re making a simple bouquet of flowers or an elegant floating candle display, mason jars make inexpensive yet fashionable vases. Plus, when your wedding is over, you can repurpose them!

3. Turn mason jars into beverage containers. Especially if you have a smaller wedding, this is a great idea. You can even give the jars to guests as their favor at the end of the night. All you need (besides the jars) is some rubber grommets, a power drill, straws, and a scrap piece of wood. Check out the tutorial at That’s What Che Said!


4. Attach metal wire to mason jars, insert tealights, and hang them up for a twinkling light display. You can even glue on thin, patterned material to create a lantern-like look. These can be hung inside or outside—just don’t put anything flammable directly above them! You can also simply place them on tables if you have nowhere to hang them

5. Use mason jars as utensil holders as an easy and cute way to avoid a huge mess of forks, spoons, and knives. Simple and sweet!

Happy crafting!


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