Green & DIY Trending for 2013 Weddings

Great news, wedding planners on a budget: one of this year’s wedding trends is going green and DIY for the big day. That means all those cute DIY ideas you were thinking about will be right on target for a wedding that is stylish and with the times. And while going green might not save you a ton of money, going DIY sure will.

What’s fueling the movement toward more DIY and green weddings? Part of the reason is that the number of independent blogs dedicated to DIY wedding crafts and celebrations continues to expand all the time. Everyone wants a wedding that is unique and personal, and DIY projects allow for that intimate connection to be kept.

© Studio Nouveau 2010

Not to mention the fact that today there is more of a focus than ever on global warming and climate change. The goal of living more sustainably is on many brides’ minds, even for the big day. How are they getting the job done on the big day? Many are planning favors such as seeds or organic edibles like fruit.

Even invitations and packaging can be made more sustainable by using recycled, plantable, and treat-free papers. Some brides are even sending out invitations on thin wood-veneers that were sustainably harvested!

You can make your food greener as well by purchasing local and organic produce, alcohol and meat. Decorations can be cut back on or made using repurposed items like old birdcages or mason jars. The options are endless!

Photo credit: Studio Nouveau


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