Bridesmaid Dresses Are Ditching the Taffeta, Upping the Style Ante

Within the Bridal Industry, bridesmaid dresses have long endured a history of being, well, hideous. These infamous evening gowns are often ill fitting (how can you expect one dress to fit every body type in your bridal party?), completely uncomfortable, and have been known to redefine what “too much taffeta” can look like in one garment.

Bridesmaid dresses photo by Flickr- Wanda Wisdom

Happily, a new trend in Bridal fashion isn’t necessarily all about the bride, but rather, the members of her wedding party. According to Bee Shapiro in an article for the New York Times, “Bridesmaids today have it significantly better. The niche has spawned sophisticated collections offering attractive, rewearable designs that can occasionally usurp even the bride.” This suggests that you no longer have to dread the garment you’ll wear beside your friend, sister, or cousin while she gets married; this new dress might even be your favorite purchase of the season!

Bridal Guide, a leader in planning, fashion, and everything wedding reveals some of its best new trends in bridesmaid dresses, even among the most traditional of brides. According to Bridal Guide, one popular style right now is mismatched gowns. This trend offers a solution for bridal parties comprised of many different body types. You can still keep your group looking cohesive by finding different styled dresses that are the same hue, or are in the same color palate. This allows for the bridesmaids to feel comfortable, as well as complement their bride’s color theme.

Another trend is short dresses for bridesmaids. These dresses are still fit for a formal evening, but don’t feel as constricting as a floor length gown. This look is perfect for a bridal party that is fun and sassy, for ladies who want to dance with their newly wedded friend at the reception and really let her steal the show in her gown. Best of all, these dresses have the greatest potential for being worn again in the future.

Brides-to-be and bridesmaids: check out the full list of trends in dresses from Bridal Guide for inspiration on how to style your bridal party.

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