How to Make DIY Jeweled Heels

We’ve talked before about how to make your wedding shoes pop, and now we’re going to give a brief tutorial on just how to do that! If you like sparkles, you’re going to love this DIY lesson!

Check out the tutorial (complete with pictures) from Honestly WTF or read our description below:
Here’s what you’ll need

  • High heels (obviously)
  • Rhinestones: a combination of both small round (3-6 mm) and large and medium multi-shaped (10-15 mm) works best. Loose (not pre-set) rhinestones are best—otherwise you will have to pry the metal backing off
  • A strong, clear adhesive, like E-6000 glue
  • A small dish (for the glue)
  • Tweezers
  • A toothpick (optional)

bejeweled heels by Honestly WTF 2

Photo by HonestlyWTF

Ok, ready? It’s super simple. First, put a small amount of the glue into your dish. Then, using your tweezers, dip the back of a large rhinestone into the glue. Place it on the top center part of the heel. Continue working your way around the top with other large stones, and then work your way down with gradually smaller stones. Fill empty spaces with the small, round rhinestones. For the smaller stones, you can use a toothpick for the glue to avoid getting too much on it.

If your heels are very thin, you may just want to do the very top, thicker part of the heel. With chunkier heels, you can easily work your way down the entire heel. Remember, you are in charge, so you can bejewel as much or as little as you please. Whole shoe or just the heel? You choose!

When you are done with the first shoe, move on to the second. It doesn’t have to match the first one exactly. Don’t stress over making a “perfect” pattern, either—they can look however you want them to! Uniform or unique, your shoes will sparkle beautifully come your big day.



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