How to Write a Thank-You Note

Let’s pretend: You’re finally home from your honeymoon, settling back into everyday life (except that you’re married now, yay!). You and your new bride or groom have opened all the gifts and cards, and now it’s time to sit down and write out the thank you notes.

Even for someone who enjoys writing thank you notes, the process is a long one. Each person who gave a gift or card should receive a thank you note, if not every single person/party who attended the wedding. That can add up to a lot of notes. Hand soreness aside, sometimes it can be hard to come up with the right words. What should you say? How should you word it? How long should it be?

Fear not: we have a simple solution. Try the basic format below (embellish as needed) for each thank you note.

  1. Start out, “Dear [so-and-so]”
  2. Say “Thank you for [the gift—be descriptive]”
  3. Tell them how you will use the gift—where it will be displayed, what you can use it for, how you will spend the money, etc.
  4. Remind them how special they are to you: “I am/We are so grateful/blessed to have a friend like you because [state the reason].”
  5. Thank them again for everything.
  6. Sign your names.



On the short side, try for 4-5 sentences. The better you know the person, the more involved the note can become. For example, writing a thank-you card for your Maid/Matron of Honor or Best Man/Woman might become quite lengthy, since they likely helped out majorly with the wedding.

One of the most important things to remember with thank you cards is that they do take time. Don’t leave them until you’ve been home for a month, then try to quickly get them all written and sent in a day or two. All that will get you is a sore hand and awkwardly late notes. Shoot for 5-10 per day once you’re back to everyday life. That will keep them timely and your stress levels down.


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