Wedding Day Emergency Kit: What To Include

It’s nearly impossible to make a plan and have everything go off without a hitch… and with a wedding it gets even harder. That’s why ever Maid of Honor should put together a wedding day “Emergency Kit” and keep it close at hand. With these items, the bride’s mind can be put just a little bit more at ease.

What should an emergency kit consist of? Just a little bit of everything. Make sure to at least have these items:

1. Band-Aids: You never know when a paper cut or blister will strike. But you can be sure that when it does, you’ll want to have Band-Aids at the ready. No one wants a bloody wedding dress.
2. Breath Mints: Enough said.
3. Clear Nail Polish: If there are nylons or tights involved, you’ll want a way to stop snags in their tracks.
4. Bobby Pins: Hair doesn’t always cooperate. Chances are, by the end of the night you’ll want a few of these to control unruly strands.
5. Tissues: Just imagine the possibilities—tears, runny noses, smeared makeup. Now put them in the pack.
6. Deodorant: Even if it isn’t hot, nerves can bring on sweat, and no bride wants to smell like B.O.
7. White Nail Polish: If the bride has a French Tip manicure, pack some white polish just in case the manicure chips.
8. Lotion: Everyone loves lotion.
9. Aspirin/Painkillers: Keep headaches and sore feet at bay. Today is not their day.
10. Compact Mirror: There’s not always a mirror nearby, so carry one with you.
11. Hairspray: Back to the hair. It’s bound to fall out of place at some point, and if it does, hairspray could be your new best friend.
12. Tums: Nerves, nerves, nerves. They like to upset the tummy, but Tums will settle it back down.
13. Straws: No one wants lipstick smears on their cup. Besides looking funny, it also means applying lipstick more often. Keep a few straws handy to avoid that issue.
14. Lint Roller: Lint happens.
15. Snacks: Pack both sugary and protein-y snacks. Even if you have what you think is an acceptable food schedule, all the excitement is bound to make brides and bridesmaids hungrier than usual. And you don’t want anyone to pass out at the altar.
16. Eye Drops: Need I go into detail?
17. Safety Pins: Oh, the uses. From ripped dresses to unruly bra straps, I’m sure you’ll find a need for one of these little guys.
18. Stain Remover: Fancy clothing and food always results in unwanted stains.
19. Water: Try the tiny half-pint bottles to give thirsty bridal party members just enough to quench their thirst.
20. Static Guard: Wedding dresses are hard enough to walk in without them sticking to your legs.
21. Sewing Kit: If something rips, if a button falls off… if, if, if. Have a sewing kit handy just in case.


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