Responsibilities of a Maid of Honor

When planning a wedding, one of a bride’s greatest assets can be the Maid (or Matron) of Honor. Maids of honor hold a special place in our hearts, but when it comes to wedding planning they should also be incredibly helpful. This is appropriate considering the Maid of Honor is generally the bride’s sister or closest friend. She should be nearly as invested as the bride in making sure the big day goes off without any major hitches.

A Maid of Honor’s pre-wedding duties include the following:

– Wedding shopping with the bride (dresses, accessories, etc.)
– Helps organize hair and makeup for bridesmaids
– Plans the bachelorette party and bridal shower
– Helps create favors, put invitations together, and address envelopes
– Attends the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner


On the day of, the Maid of Honor should do the following:

– Hold the groom’s wedding band during the ceremony
– Witness and sign the marriage certificate
– Hold onto an “Emergency Kit” for the bride (makeup, Band-Aids, nail polish, pins, tissues, etc.)
– Give a speech and toast at the reception
– Oversee bridesmaids and guests during the wedding and reception, giving directions as needed
– Stay by the bride’s side and help out whenever needed

Brides lucky enough to have a wedding planner or coordinator may pass off some of these duties, so not every Maid of Honor will be responsible for all these things. It is important as a bride to be sure to communicate what your expectations are for your Maid of Honor so that she knows how much or how little to take charge of. As a Maid of Honor, it is equally important to be sure you are finding a good balance, not stepping on the bride’s toes but also being as helpful as you can.


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