More pictures from Andres Santo Domingo’s wedding!

Okay, I’m a little obsessed with the Andres Santo Domingo wedding.  Not only because it was on of the first society weddings of the century, not even because it featured insane levels of detail and extravagance.  It’s really just because I absolutely love love love Lauren Santo Domingo’s dress.

Lauren Santo Domingo's wedding dress

Look at it! I mean realllly look at it!

But while poking around some back issues of Vogue (don’t laugh, they’re pretty), I found one of the pictures of the Santo Domingo wedding that I had missed.  Check it out:

Andres Santo Domingo chapel

Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo wedding chapel

Okay, it’s a little small because apparently the wedding photographer wanted more pictures of the dang bridesmaids.  However, the chapel is in the center of the bottom picture.  Let’s see if we can find a better image….


So apparently that’s the Santo Domingo church in Cartagena, one of the oldest churches in Colombia. It was founded in 1551, and was at first made out of hay.  However, a fire consumed the city and put an end to that version of the church, and it was moved to where it stands today.  Then, in 1588, the city was attacked by the English pirate Francis Drake (although I’m sure the English called him a patriot and not a pirate) and the church was injured again.

Whatever its history might be, every single picture of the place is beautiful.

JTB-W507-003828A - © - JTB PHOTO COMMUNICATI 65354303

Wouldn’t you love to get married there?  I suppose that Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo are just so stylish, they couldn’t get married anywhere else!

Andres Santo Domingo on the best dressed list

Look at them on the best dressed list. Sigh….


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