Venue Closes Unexpectedly on Couples

A wedding venue in Chandler, Arizona, infuriated sixty couples when it closed its doors without warning on Sunday, April 21st—and now Inspirador Chandler says it won’t be giving any refunds. Brides and grooms out thousands of dollars are now wondering how they will ever make their big day happen now that their money is likely gone.

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“My wedding is in February next year and I’m out $8,000 for this venue,” said Amy Landuyt.  “So how am I supposed to plan a new wedding?”

“I’ve had tears and anger, I’m just trying to find the right person to talk to and I can’t get answers,” she added.

Inspirador Chandler isn’t a cheap wedding venue. Theresa Taylor, another bride, says she’s lost $14,000 to the venue. She was supposed to get married at Inspirador in May of this year—just a month away. Worse still is Matt Meyer and his bride-to-be, who just put down their deposit on Friday. Two days later, they got an e-mail notifying them that Inspirador Chandler was shutting down and wouldn’t be refunding their money.

“Knowing they willingly took the money knowing this was going to happen, it’s infuriating,” he said. But he’s not giving up hope just yet. “I just want the day to be perfect. I want to marry my best friend and move forward in life,” Meyer said.

BVAA Compass is the bank now in charge of the Inspirador property and has released a statement saying it is “sympathetic to the plight of brides and grooms and their families who have been left in limbo by Inspirador’s decision to close its doors.” They have been in conflict resolution with Inspirador for the past two years without finding a solution.


According to BVAA, they have not interfered with any of Inspirador’s operations—which means that the venue is free to continue operations until further notice. Inspirador insists it is working with each couple to find a solution, but thus far there are still many upset couples. Inspirador has offered couples the option to have their weddings at a different venue called the San Marcos Resort, where deposits and dates will be honored.

The moral of the story? If you can, get wedding insurance. It is relatively inexpensive—especially if you’re planning an expensive wedding—and it protects you financially from events such as this.


One thought on “Venue Closes Unexpectedly on Couples

  1. I had my wedding here when they first opened in 2009. I had the worst experience with inspirador and dilia woods personally. She lied to us and it was just a hirrible experience. Im glad that her antics finally caught up to her. I feel horrible for all the people who booked. I just wish more people read my review on weddingwire and steared clear! I must add inspirador tried to have my review removed from wedding wire. They rebuttled with a bogus reply. She is a horrible person!

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