Wedding Color Combinations

There are millions of colors out there, but only a few that will get to be your wedding colors. The choice can be a little overwhelming for some, especially when considering the mood that different combinations can create. Here are some suggestions for some fun combinations:

Orange & Green: For the couple that wants to be bold and funky. The orange is bright and happy, while the green cools things down. Adding brown or white accents to the mix can give it a fall or summer feel, respectively.


Purple & Blue: Many people think of blue and green, but purple and blue are less commonly chosen. Try combinations of one dark and one light (e.g. light blue and dark purple or dark blue and light purple) or adding accents or magenta or white.


Brown & Green: This combination is soft and warm, reminiscent of fall and spring (depending on hues). The earthy tones make it easy to incorporate nature into the theme as well.


Yellow & Orange: For a spring or summer wedding, this combination will really pop. They are bold colors and leave a variety of flower options to choose from. For those looking to add a little “fun” to their theme, this bright combination will do the trick.


Coral Orange & Purple: Seeing these two colors together brings visions of the beach to mind. Together they produce a tropical look that is whimsical and fun. Try combining orange tulips or poppies with purple lisianthus.


Many couples keep in mind the time of year they are planning to have their wedding when choosing colors. This isn’t completely necessary, but it does contribute to a nice overall theme. Choosing blue and silver during the winter just seems appropriate, as does using pink and turquoise during the summer. Orange and brown seem like fall colors, while green and brown compliment spring.

Whether or not you decide on colors while keeping the season in mind is up to you and your beloved, but it can add a nice touch. What are some other wedding color combinations you are fond of? Has anyone used the above combinations in their own weddings? Let us know in the comment section below.


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